Crop: Marigold

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Marigold is one of the commercially exploited flower crops of the genus Tagetes and family Asteraceae. It is universally popular because of ease in its cultivation, wide adaptability to varying soil and climatic conditions, long flowering duration, range of attractive colours and good keeping quality of flowers. Due to these reasons, marigold is used as cut flower and in garden displays, garlands, bouquets and stage decorations. It is grown as an annual in landscape garden for mass effects. Apart from its significance in ornamental horticulture, it has been valued for other purposes too. The aromatic oil extracted from marigold 'tagetes oil' is used in the reparation of high-grade perfumes as well as a fly repellant. Marigold flowers are attractive in shape and color. It is widely adopted because of ease of cultivation. On basis of size and color, it has two main varieties, African Marigold and French marigold. Plants of French marigold variety are short while flowers are small in size compared to African marigold.

Major/Minor Major
Temporary/Permanent Temporary
Category Agriculture Extension
Type Ornamentals
Crop Climate Title Tropical
Crop Water Method Title Irrigated
Crop Duration Annual
Crop Economic Title Cash Crop
Crop Growing Season Kharif / Rainy / Monsoon Crops


Sucking Pests

Mealy Bug Thrips

Fungal Diseases

Damping Off Powdery Mildew

Marigold Seed Varieties

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