Crop: Broccoli

Crop Detail

Broccoli, Brassica oleracea, is an herbaceous annual or biennial grown for its edible flower heads which are used as a vegetable. The broccoli plant has a thick green stalk, or stem, which gives rise to thick, leathery, oblong leaves which are gray-blue to green in color. The plant produces large branching green flower heads covered with numerous white or yellow flowers. Broccoli can be annual or biennial depending on the variety and can grow to 1 m (3.3 ft) in height. Broccoli may also be referred to as sprouting broccoli and likely originates from the Mediterranean although the exact location has not been determined.

Major/Minor Major
Temporary/Permanent Temporary
Category Agriculture Extension
Type Vegetables
Crop Climate Title Sub Tropical
Crop Water Method Title Irrigated
Crop Duration Biennial
Crop Economic Title Food Crop
Crop Growing Season Kharif / Rainy / Monsoon Crops


Fungal Diseases

Damping off Downy mildew Alternaria leaf spot Powdery mildew

Sucking Pests

Cut worms Aphids Thrips Large cabbage white (Cabbageworm)



Broccoli Seed Varieties

Name Seed Rate
Heading type(green) 150-200 gm/acre
Sprouting type(green and purple) 150-200 gm/acre